You Can’t Grow Your Business Being a Loner.

Importance of Community & Life Lessons as Entrepreneurs

By Anita Heidema / June 18, 2017
Strategist for Professionals & Entrepreneurs 

I had the pleasure to interview Violette de Ayala founder of FemCity in my Ah-Ha Moments to Success podcast.

She is quite the pragmatic storyteller that weaves her own successes, and life lessons into a destiny you can relate to. We talked a lot about community. How important community is for everyone but also as an entrepreneur. Love her 3 success tips and success habits she shares at the end.

As you might know already, life lessons are so important to me as well and why I wrote my book Amazon Best Seller Vitality Knocks that helps you uncover hidden life lesson of your own when you read it.

I could truly relate to Violette with this as our biggest teacher is Life’s University. We just need to listen and adjust properly.

You create the tools in your toolbox that helps you with life’s journey and the constant obstacles that are part of that. If you can learn from your lessons and create an auto success mindset you are so much further ahead, focused and relaxed in your life. It is like an inner zen for business owners. Nothing can knock you down.

Violette talks about how community and her Global organization FemCity has grown. “People are looking for a high-end organization of professionals”.  As entrepreneurs and professional you work better in positive and supportive groups. Building that support group is so important to be able to keep yourself motivated and also grow your business in areas that you need leverage with. Team building is so important under a proper support structure.

I am a member of FemCity and enjoy the community in Toronto and Los Angeles so far. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the gang in the other 80 locations globally.

As with the community group of entrepreneurs and professionals, I have in my Business Academy I encourage them to try the community membership free to see if it is a fit.

Take a step as an entrepreneur and get out. Learn from your life lessons and others. Build that community of support that is positive and encouraging. Try FemCity or search other communities that speak your language and resonate with you.

Start today and take that step to a Richer Life that supports you and your business.

Listen to Violette’s podcast interview here, learn more and see what her success tips she shares at the end of the podcast

To your success, happiness and Ah-Ha Moments for Success

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