Anita Heidema has been called a Rich Life & Business Strategist by both Executives and Entrepreneurs, credited with getting them clear on their ‘big dream Vision’ while developing online programs and one-on-one VIP consultations providing leadership-focused redefining strategies to help them achieve those dreams. Her credentials are extensive, including over 30 years of formal study and experience in management for a global $7Billion company, focusing on high-level sales, and business and personal development and 20 years helping thousands as an entrepreneur with her consulting and online programs.

A proud life-long student and teacher, she has gained much of her formal education through programs at Harvard Mentor Business School, Erickson, Travel College and shared her expertise as an Instructor at Toronto Metropolitan University. Yet, she attributes her most valuable learning from the University of Life which she credits with teaching her the insights and expertise which she shares through her Rich Life & Business programs, as well as through in her best-selling book Vitality Knocks, and on her AhHa Moments for Success Podcast.

Anita is an avid proponent for health awareness and is now both a mentor and mental health advocate to others after helping her family navigate through her mother’s Lewy Body Dementia. She also co-presents seminars on the health and relationship benefits of The Mediterranean Lifestyle and O’Live Your Life consulting and multi-platform lifestyle, travel, food, cooking program, with her partner, world-renowned Italian Chef Dario Tomaselli.