3 Steps to Know & Get You Started on Your Book

Chapter One – AnitaHeidema.com   Everyone has a story in them. So true……

The book and self publishing industry has taken off. Everyone wants to write a book and see it as a sign of authority and creativity. I agree. But you have to consider your WHY??? Know how and effort.


You need to know why you want to write a book. It is a lot of work to writing and publishing one so you need to know why you are putting these efforts forward. I know as I finished my book Vitality Knocks in 2015 and became Amazon Best Seller. It was a lot of hard disciplined work. I have my why. Do you? Some want to write a book as an add on to their business. Some just want to write for themselves and maybe a biography for family generations. Start with your why and see if it is really something you want to spend your precious time on. At AnitaHeidema.com we have a program to help you if this is really something you want to do and want to take action now.

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So you have an idea and a why. Now it is time to MAP out your efforts. How many chapters? What is the title going to be? How many pages? Start with a shell of the story or message of the book. Then start to narrow down a bit to more detail that will bring your message clear and reach your target audience. Have your why to see if writing a book makes sense and now Map it out.


You need to now set your goals to writing your book and what works for your life. Can you set 30min in a day to writing? If you have 10 chapters with 10 months to write in what does that look like? Chapter a day of course. Set that time a space aside that you know is your time for inspiration. If you really want this you know you can make it happen.

Remember that to write the story is only a portion of the tale. There is the publishing portion that goes with this as well. Self publish? Publishing house? Marketing? Best Author status? Edit? Print? Ebook? Oh My…

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