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By Anita Heidema/May 14, 2017
Mindset Coach & Business Strategist

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This week’s Ah-Ha Moments for Success Podcast episode is with Sheri Andrunyk

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Sheri is the founder of Insightful Communications (I C) Publishing the Publishing Company that did my book Vitality Knocks. I first met Sheri when she was running Women for Women which was a high-level networking and mentorship group in the Toronto and working as a Master Coach.

From there Sheri started a publishing company that has helped me tremendously with my book. I didn’t want to self-publish and was looking or the guidance that IC Publishing gave me. She is a step ahead of the curve.

Sheri has a deep passion and expertise for creating profound change and inspiring sustainable growth through individual coaching sessions, seminars, and the written word. She opens wide the doors of possibility for all she meets and sets a beautiful example in her own life of keeping first things first, nurturing herself and those closest to her—so she always has it to give to others. Sheri believes that we all have seeds of greatness within us that we must cultivate, and use to make a difference in our homes, communities, businesses, and abroad!

Her company, I C Publishing, offers customized writing and publishing support for authors seeking a professional partner who can help them navigate the industry’s changing landscape and produce a quality product they can be proud of. Sheri and her team have published an amazing cross-section of high-quality books including three of her own, Hearts Linked by Courage, Working From Home & Making It Work©, and, Do You Have a Book In You? The growing list of I C Publishing authors’ titles, including Sheri’s, can be found at the, as well as on, and most e-store platforms.

Worth a very special mention is the release of Hearts Linked By Courage by the Canadian Mental Health Association – York and South Simcoe, making Sheri’s first book by the same name a very meaningful series; one that serves the essential work of the not-for-profit sector in their ongoing efforts to inform our communities about each worthy cause, their challenges, and victories as well. This series is set to expand in 2017 yet again with two other organizations.

In addition to the numerous other causes important to Sheri, she also sit on the York Housing and Support Services Community Advisory Council. YHSS supports the daily operations of Sutton Youth Services and Belinda’s Place, giving hope to homeless youth and women of York Region.

Thank you, Sheri for your Wisdom.

Awareness for Lewy Body Dementia #LBD - Anita


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