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Meditation has been used by many from the birth of time. It has been used in many forms. It was known more to be practiced by the Evolving Humans that were known to create greatness. Across all religions but not across all walks of life in that time.

Science and Spirituality have crossed paths and realize the benefits to all now in our time.  There are still some skeptics and with all the research (will explain more of the research in other blog) I am still not sure why. Maybe those that are skeptics find it difficult to quite themselves for 10 min a day. Yes here is a benefit to 10 min a day.

Benefit to Health, Stress Reduction, Clarity in Business and Life, and studies say with quantum physics we can attract what we want as well.

We offer a free 5 min stress buster meditation download for you to try. Download here

  1. Tip one is to find a quite place. I find for my free 5 min stress buster is best in an office with your door closed, or a spare room in your house. If you have distractions you are less likely to keep going. Just don’t do when you’re in the car or using machinery. This is time for you to take a break for everyone is needed to be their best.
  2. Keep your mind focused on what is being said in the . Forget about the board meeting you just came from. Or the stressful situation that just happened. I find sometimes coming up with two words helps as well and you say one with the inhalation and one with the exhalation. Here/Now -I/Am-Happy/Healthy.
  3. Keep to it. You will see the benefits and you need to keep to it. Most of my programs are over 21 days because it takes 21 days to build habits. Keep it going for this amount of time. Pick a place and time if that helps you to keep on track to the daily routine. Being a Hypnotherapist I believe the most powerful time is in the evening with second to the am. Start with what suits you best.

So download the free meditation to start over 21 days and keep to it…..

To really understand the power to it you have to try it. It’s meant for all walks of life, ages and situations.

If you are seeing the great effects then check out my other meditations available that help you tap into your intuition, abundance, and health. Many more to come as well that are being tested as we speak.

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