Episode 20 – Lynn Pelzer on today’s Ah-Ha Moments For Success Podcast

Lynn Pelzer assists women in building connections, building their support systems in business and life with FemCity. She loves to mentor new Leaders that are eager to make a difference for women in business.

Her mission is to bring Women together in positivity and gratitude and grow themselves in life and business. “I would love to share my own personal journey with you in Ah Ha Moments for Success.”

She is the mother of two beautiful daughters and knows the important to set a good example for success.

Lynn and I have been friends for awhile now working on a few projects and she has always been so calm, uplifting and positive in everything she does.

Working originally as a Dental Hygienist, Lynn wanted to take back control in her life and be there for her family. She started first in the network marketing business which she was very successful at and helping the team grow and empowering them.

From this the extension to being the President for FemCity Toronto made sense for her as she was connecting and helping others succeed already. Femcity Collectives was born and she is also the director of.

Rich Life Biz system comes natural to Lynn as she has build the habits and been consistent in what she does with focus.

So now to share her Ah-Ha Moments for Success in today’s podcast


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