Take Care of Your Health

Tips for Living a Healthy Rich Life as an Entrepreneur


By Anita Heidema – Oct 2/2017
Strategist for Professionals & Entrepreneurs

If you don’t have your health life can be very tough for you. Don’t take your health for granted. Protect what you have for an active long life.

As entrepreneurs we get so business and caught up in our business we forget to live a balanced healthy life. We sometimes find out the hard way the effects it can have on our bodies.

To have a rich life and business you need to work on your mind, body, soul and business strategies. Then you truly live successfully for yourself and not others.

Health Tips

  1. Exercise daily. Set time aside daily to get your body moving and set 4 days aside to do more intense cardio and weight-bearing exercise.
  2. Eat healthy balanced meals. Keep track of your eliminating and intake to keep your system alkaline.
  3. Keep your stress levels in check. Meditation is so important. Try my free stress buster meditation here.

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To Your Success, Happiness & Ah-Ha Moments,

Anita Heidema