The Power of Your Story

By Anita Heidema / May 28, 2017
Strategist for Professionals & Entrepreneurs 

Welcome to this week’s Podcast!!

This week’s Ah-Ha Moments for Success Podcast episode is with Jason Reid

We all have a message to share. It is all a matter of whether you want to share it or not. In conversations with our friends, we like to share stories about our learning experiences. Maybe that store that gave poor service or that new cool cooking aid that saved our dinner party.

In business, we like to provide our training credentials for a specific task or role. We also want to add our life lessons story. I truly believe that with all my training, degrees and certificates I have, it is my life and business lessons that have taught me the most. It not only gives creditability but people begin to realize we are all human and if you can do it so can someone else. Speaking is not new. Speaking for everyone from the stage is. That’s why my Ah-Ha Moments to Success podcast is such an incredible tool to help professionals to stay motivated and focused.

Jason is not just an entertaining professional speaker he also teaches entrepreneurs, experts and sales teams how to create impactful presentations that convey stories with intention turning audience members into clients.

In today’s interview, we talk about resilience and the Ah-Ha turning point that Jason experienced without him truly realizing it. Taking yourself away to get a new perspective can change everything. With established abilities, Jason began to teach professionals how to tell their own stories. You’ll enjoy listening to this truly professional, insightful entrepreneur.

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Many of us come to a fork in the road called life and we need to decide which path to take. Decide to fold or to learn how to move on to a bigger and better space. The space where dreams are made and do come true. You can make that happen. I have seen it happen with many of my clients and you will find that space for you as well. Visit Mind Your Business Class Link to develop your Auto Success Mindset.

Thank you, Jason, for your story and inspiring others to keep going with their passions.

To Your Success, Happiness & Ah-Ha Moments,


Strategist for Entrepreneurs & Professionals