Camino de Santiago?? Some of heard of it. Some have not.

They have made the famous movie about The Camino hike “The Way” with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. (A must watch)

Shirley MacLaine has written about her journey “A Journey of the Spirit” as well as countless others.

The best way to explain the true experience of the Camino is for one to try the trek one self.

I have spoken to many that have taking the trail of inspiration and exercise. Each has their own experience. It is one of those trips you need to experience for yourself and have on your bucket list. Now is the time.

I will be going June 2, 2014 for the last 100km of the journey and adventure with my group. If interested please contact me [email protected]. Or details

The WayThe Camino de Santiago Compostela in Spain is one of the oldest pilgrimage routes in Europe. The Way of St James is declared one of Europe’s first cultural routes. People come from all countries and religions to experience the adventure of the hike through the countryside and villages of Europe. The way is marked by the symbol of the scallop shell, typically found on the Galician shores and the grooves in the shell that join together are said to represent the many different ways pilgrims travelled from to reach Santiago.

The last 100km takes you from Sarria to Santiago over the 8 day. You receive certification of accomplishment once completed and a passport that is stamped at each town visited along the way.

I am looking forward to the journey and the exercise. I will start training myself for the 20km hikes per day.

More on the Camino to come and would love to hear anyone’s stories that would like to share. [email protected]

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