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As a chef and my partner in life and business I always look to Dario’s wisdom and expertise. He has taught me much in life and being connected together and appreciation has been a hugest lessons and reasons why we started Passion Is Cooking 3 years ago.

You see we had met each other after being alone for many years and then when we got together as a couple realized we were so use to the solo life and not really connecting. Dario was off doing his chef thing travelling and I was doing my speaking thing travelling and we didn’t get much time together.

We always found one of our greatest hobbies was cooking together (first date) and creating meals that were healthy and would allow us to spend the next 50 years together. I was learning so much about food not just from a health perspective but as a flavour and sharing experience as well.

Dario was asked to be a guest chef in a castle in Italy and I was invited to come. 10 couples that were entrepreneurs from around the world exploring food and Italian culture from a Italian chef and also wanted to look at what I did with my rich life biz program and building positive habits and strategies personally and professionally. Voila… Passion Is Cooking was born from our 2 strengths and we never looked back.

I will look to bring Dario on the occasion to the podcast as he has such a way to express himself that I could listen to him for hours. HaHa…Maybe a bit bias here…What do you think?

Working Together For 2021

Cleansing out the old and bringing on the new……

Now we will get Dario’s AhHa Moment For Success and his 3 tips for wisdom to inspire you. 

For our Ask Anita today we were asked “What was your lessons for 2020 that brought your main goal for 2021” I took the top 4 goals that you emailed back to us. If you want add more to the comments here.




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