Have you ever wondered why you have a lot of energy for doing some things, while other things seem to suck the energy from you?

Do you have an employee or team who sometimes has challenges getting things done, even when you are clear on and committed to the goals?


Instincts For Success

Human instinct is the power behind our actions; it’s the source of our mental energy. If you go with the force of your instinct, you have more energy to accomplish your goals and tasks. If you fight it – or work against it – you experience everything from stress to eventual burnout.

Today we are joined by Catherine Meyer who is a Kobe facilitator with her business Catalyst Leadership. She helps entrepreneurs and small business owners with leadership tools and strategies to build the capacity of their business beyond themselves and take it to it’s greatest potential.

Now we will get Catherine’s AhHa Moment For Success and her 3 tips for wisdom to inspire you.

For our Ask Anita today we were asked “How can we focus better these days with the world being so busy all around us?” 



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