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By Anita Heidema / June 18, 2017
Strategist for Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Welcome to this week’s Podcast!!

Ah-Ha Moments for Success with Digital Innovation Expert Amber Mac

I had the pleasure to interview the brilliant Amber Mac. She is a guru in her area and someone that has made great leaps in the video, tech and media industry.

As a recent ambassador to Scotiabank, the spokesperson for various products, entrepreneur, and host on The Feed she has transformed her expertise to grow in all areas that add great value to so many areas of her expertise.

She is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, blogger, keynote speaker, and TV/radio host. She started her career during the dot-com boom in San Francisco and is at the forefront of reporting on and participating in digital innovation.

In our Ah-Ha Moments for Success Podcast, we ask Amber what her turning point was in her career. Her Ah-Ha Moment that changed her life is revealed.

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Amber gives inspiration and know-how in her tips and habits that she does daily to bring her to the success she presently has.

Kudos to you Amber. Truly enjoyed our interview and getting to know you more.

To your success, happiness and Ah-Ha Moments for Success

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