Get up out of bed and get motivated like successful entrepreneurs!!!

Successful entrepreneurs that we admire and aspire to be like have developed positive habits that help them daily.

Successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington and many more have developed success habits over time as I have. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel. We want to learn what works and then decide what will work for us and our lifestyle and desires.

When you have a positive morning, that wasn’t rushed, it just makes for a better day. Get to bed on time so you have time in the morning before everyone gets to you. This helps to build the base of your habits and day. Get up an hour earlier when you aren’t rushed or tired so you can plan your day and be able to focus.

1) Meditate in the morning. Meditation is good for everyone. Research shows how beneficial it is for you physically and mentally. So why do so many people not do it? Well, successful people realize the importance and meditate daily. Start slowly and for a short amount of time if you haven’t tried meditation yet. It takes practice, it’s so worth it and so beneficial. Try my complimentary meditation here to start the process. It’s only 5 minutes a day and well worth it.

2)  Find a way to gain morning inspiration and insight in your day. Many successful entrepreneurs read the paper or listen to learning podcasts or inspirational podcasts while doing their exercise routine and/or driving. Utilize your time wisely to your advantage and motivate yourself. Learn. Learn. Learn. Check out my new podcast that is coming soon. Find out more details about when and how by signing up here.

3) Exercise. The best time to exercise is in the morning. The majority of successful entrepreneurs do it this way as it starts the blood flowing and makes for a productive day. Get on that treadmill and listen to that podcast. Even better, go for a walk or run outside while listening to that podcast. Whaaaa. Once you feel that habit forming you will crave your morning exercise and learning sessions.

4) Know what motivates you. Know why you want to be successful in what you want. What drives you!!!! Have that picture in your head!!! Have that feeling in your heart!!! That driving force “why” that keeps you going in tough times, which will for sure happen. Knowing your “why” and seeing, saying and feeling it every morning is what is going to keep you going and programming your mind for success. Many of my programs help you with finding that “why” and programming your mind for that auto success mindset. Come learn how

Trust this has helped you by adding some new habits to your life for success. In the next blog, we will get into finding out how to release some of your old negative habits that are sabotaging you.

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