I can’t believe it’s a new year! Where did the time go? As I get older I realize more and more how important our time is, as just how fast it goes by!

Whenever I think about going into a new year, I think about new goals I’d like to reach. How do I reach these goals? We all have these desires.

But as they say

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Now I am not saying that your whole life needs to be structured. We need to live life as well and be adaptable to what life brings our way. It’s all about balance. The universe brings things to us that we are meant to have and I do believe this. In saying that we also have to balance that with steps towards those root successes on our bucket list.

Root Success are those true goals that hold true to our mission in life. What we are truly about and hold dear. Travel is a dear one to me and to many. Their root success tells them their desires are closer to home.

This is one of many examples. What is your true root success before someone told you who or what to be? Do you know? Have you known all along and just were pleasing others? Again, it comes down to balance. Yes we want to make those we love happy and please them but we can’t forget ourselves in the process. These steps below are taught and worked with in my goal-setting workshops that I’d like to share with you today.


Clarity – You need to sit still in a quiet place and hear what you truly want. Some strive for money when it is really acceptance they want. Some strive for career and really they want to spend that time with family. Again I am not saying it is one or the other. It is to know what is truly important to you.

Life becomes much easier when you make decision if you know your root success for all areas of your life. I believe to do intuition meditation helps. Even if you take a few min a day to quite your mind. I will be offering these free meditation mini sessions you can download on my website soon for those that register on my website with their email. I also will help you tap into your root success with the goal setting workshops I offer. Life and your goal setting is much easier when you truly know who you are and what you want in life. Ok I’m gonna say it. “Your Life Purpose”. Find it is used too much but is really what we are talking about here Find your Root Success……


Focus – Write down those goals that suit your true root success and put a timeline to it. Now it should be realistic. You can’t lose 30 lbs in two week in a healthy way. If one of your root success is to experience more in life and your health is in the way then possibly one of those goals would be to lose weight or build muscle or eat healthy to gain more energy to do those things. So your root success is to enjoy life more with more energy and your goal would to be healthier.

This is one example of a goal that might be set for a goal around losing weight.

GOAL – Be Healthier. Set date to lose 30 lbs at a realistic (and healthy) lbs per week.

2-Healthy eating
3-Vitimins supplements


Visualize/NLP – This is where you use daily visualization. I use neurolinguistic programing and hypnosis in my workshops to help you keep on track. It take 21 Days to create a habit. You want to get to that point where the steps to your goal are like breathing to you.

Don’t forget to balance what’s best for you!

In the end you have to want to do it and just do it. Hypnosis and NLP help you to get to what it is that you are wanting but it is also helpful to get help from someone for at least the first 3 months to keep you on track. Move you through those tough days.

I do Root Success Coaching for my clients to keep them on track. After joining my 21 Day Journey to Success programs, my clients have been successful with their dreams.

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Life is amazing and to be enjoyed. Enjoy every minute of it and keep that balance. Make 2015 your best year with goals that make you happiest.

Inspire your world…Empower your life!

To your success and happiness

Anita Heidema[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]