Episode 15 – Tina Conroy, the Intuitive Women on today’s Ah-Ha Moments For Success with Anita Heidema

3 Ways to Your Greatness

by Anita Heidema

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We all have an inner calling for something great. It might be to be the best mother or father. Maybe it is to create new inventions or positions or charity that will change the world for the better. Whatever your calling is you need to be in tune with what your heart desires and don’t leave this earth with your light never exposed and your light dying inside you.  Dream your dream and live it.

It is important to be in tune with your intuitions and your inner calling.

Here 3 tips to help.

  • Have quiet time to really reflect. I have a meditation available to help with getting in tune with your intuition here.
    Take daily walks helps for me in nature. Your brain opens up to so many Ah-Ha’s to your life and what you want. The first step is to truly understand what you want in life.
  • Write out how to accomplish what you want in a journal. Set your inner and outer goals with our free Kickstart Your Rich Life. I find that writing out your goals is imperative as we get so distracted and focus is so important. Fail to plan you plan to fail.
  • Listen to this podcast with Tiny Conroy and her ability to connect people with their mind and body with her special gifts and ah-ha moments and tips in Ah-Ha Moments for Success Podcast with Tina Conroy.

These simple steps will help you dramatically if you build simple habits every day for success. Lifestyle for a Rich Life & Business.

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To your Success, Happiness and Ah-Ha Moments,

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