Let’s Celebrate Mothers Around the World

Take time every day to give gratitude

By Anita Heidema www.anitaheidema.com


Mothers Day can generate mixed feelings.

For we all have a Mom, some are a Mom, some don’t care for their mom, and some have lost a Mom dear to them.

It is the journey of life.


Mothers Day Special Episode – Ah-Ha Moments For Success Podcast

For me, I celebrate that I have survived being a Mom of two wonderful children with my wits intact. (well somewhat)

I remember and celebrate the joy of having a wonderful mom and best friend that unfortunately is no longer with us but in spirit.

You see 3 years ago I lost my mom to LewyBody Dementia.

Alzheimer’s as she was first misdiagnosed with 3 years prior to that.

The years of seeing someone so dear to you melt away in all aspects of mind-body is heart-wrenching. One that has marked me for life as to many it does.  It makes you realize how special every moment is and the cherish your time with them when you can.

In today’s Ah-Ha Moments For Success Podcast, I interview Jesse who herself expresses her journey and Ah-Ha Moments with her Mom.

Please forget the small stuff (let it go) and take time for those you love and reach out to them today.

To Your Success, Happiness, and Ah-Ha Moments,

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