How to make goal setting simple and work.

By Anita Heidema
Rich Life & Business Strategist, Podcast Host Ah-Ha Moments for Success, Best Selling Author Vitality Knocks & Host to Passion Is Cooking Lifestyle TV

As you get closer to a new year, take time to reflect.

The busyness of the holiday season or the quietness has you look at your life and it’s possibilities. You look at social media and envy sets in what you don’t have.

Turn all off and look at what you do have and how far you have come. Look inside to what you want in your life and take away comparison. Make some tweeks to where you want to grow for the new year.

Here are some simple tips to help you in the process.

  • Take yourself away to some alone time and write/journal/dream/meditate.
  • Download our free Rich Life & Business Kickstart or write on a paper mentioned in the podcast.
  • Set time aside daily for your attraction to your life. Journal. Meditate. We have our Intuition Meditation as an option.
  • Set your action steps that you will do daily towards your goals. Daily habits over 21 days will bring all to creation for your big dream. Focus and Consistency is key.
  • A balanced life is so important. You don’t want to burn out or miss out on important things for you. Set the time aside for all areas of life and take away things that don’t sever you.



What are your plans for 2019? Do you have any?

Love to hear your thoughts.

To your Success, Happiness & Ah-Ha Moments,

Anita Heidema