By Anita Heidema

Mindset Coach & Business Strategist for Professionals and Entrepreneurs  Author #ahhssuccesstip

We go through our lives not realizing where we want to go. Doing everyday tasks that are asked of us without really thinking of what it is that we want! What is it that really rocks our boat? If we were to be on our death bed what did we miss out on? What did we do that we were proud of?

When we change our thoughts so much is open to us. The power of our subconscious and the power of intention. How do we intend to live a Rich and Abundant Life as busy professionals? What is it that you truly want?

Take some time away from the hustle of everyday life and really think about it. Then come back and apply that to the 3 thoughts that you need to have to create a Rich Life.  Here is a free download that will help Rich Life & Business

3 Thoughts

  • Think about YOU.

You are the only one that will be totally for YOU. If you don’t put yourself first you will start to fail. You could loose your health, mind, friends, ones you love, money, freedom, etc.  You need to take care of yourself and start thinking that way. Suggestions to start is book time for things that rejuvenating you at first. If you book that time you won’t end up forgetting. Program those thought habits in your life. You need to program your mind to put YOU first as no one else will. This is not selfish and the stronger you are the more you can be there for others. Book Mind You Business Class to start developing an Auto Success Mindset.

  • Think about PEOPLE.

You are the mirror of the 5 (or more) key people in your life. Do you have a supportive friend system? Do you have mentors you are collaborating with.? Do you have a support coach or mentor to keep you focused? As we grow we tend to have a shift in our lives. It is difficult as we have history and caring hearts that keep us in a non-supportive place. You need to step away and protect yourself from the naysayers. I recall when I started my business many thought I was nuts. Walk from a paycheque!!?? I could never do it!  I am so glad I didn’t listen to the naysayers that wouldn’t support me. You need to think about the people in your life. Do what you must to create a positive supportive surrounding for yourself. Reach out to me if you need help with a free 15 min consult below.

  • Think of your TIME.

We only have so much time in our lives. Why are we wasting it doing ridiculous things and being with the wrong people that aren’t going to make us happy? We need to think about our time and plan what we are going to do. Don’t waste it!! Know what and who is important and reevaluate your life and business. Once we have used up our time we can’t get it back.  Choose wisely and as early as you can.

I trust you understand what I am saying in today’s message and will take action today. There is so much info out there to follow and read and hope this with resonate with you to take action and live a rich life of your dreams. Much of what we do is by chance but also by creation. Make the shift today and enjoy happiness, success, and prosperity.

To Your Success, Happiness & Ah-Ha Moments,

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