How to network during Covid-19 can be a enigma for most of us. During these Covid days, an entrepreneur and executive journey can be a lonely one. Many places are closed and you are losing the connection and support networks that we once had directly at our fingertips and now have to rely on the virtual world. Corporate teams are needing some enjoyment and a better work-life balance. In this podcast for executives we tell you how.

Top 3 tips on how to network during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond?

1. Join one of Dish Events activities with Heather Di Santos from this podcast. Get ideas for you to connect here.

2. Join or create a private online cooking class with your team or organize with your network. Food always connects. Check out your options here.

3. The world is getting smaller. Reach out to people on social media to have those real virtual connections as best you can.

How to network during covid-19 with Heather Di Santo and Anita Heidema in the podcast Moments for Success. Episode 28, A soulpreneur's journey with social media

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Heather Di Santo is a woman on a mission and the CEO and Founder of DiSH Events.

After 18 years in corporate, and a transformational year executing 22 run/walk events across Canada in five months, she embraced the entrepreneurial journey she enjoys today.

DiSH Events originated as a flexible, affordable, and environmentally conscious space to rent in York Region that combined her vision and execution expertise. But the mission has become bigger than a venue as the current times have challenged her to pivot her focus to where her true passions lie.

Creator of NetWalking with Heather; she walks, talks, and listens to people to discover ways to move themselves forward whether through her programs and those of her affiliate partners.

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