It is possible for all of us all to live a rich life

By Anita Heidema: Best Selling Author to Vitality Knocks/Host Ah-Ha Moments for Success Podcast/ Creator of Rich Life & Biz System and Ah-Ha Business Academy


We need to raise our vibrations and positivity around the world in our personal lives and our business. There have been so many horrific things happening around the world and we need to keep ourselves safe from all this negativity. Focused on growing, positivity and living a rich life as it will bring up the vibrations of happiness around the world that are contagious. There is enough room for all of us to be happy and successful. Don’t let the negativity of others affect you and work on living your RICH LIFE.


We need to have faith in all that we do.


  • Create a positive world by faith and belief and trust in the fact that we can change as a universal whole. Listen to my podcast with ideas and would love to hear yours in the comments and share for other thoughts.


  • Create a Rich heart-centered life for yourself and the positive energy will carry to your family, friends, happiness, success and to the universe. Invite you to check out this free class to learn more simple steps

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  •  Spend 1 hour a day on positive learning for yourself and sharing. Positive podcasts. Positive courses. Positive videos.


We need to change for a better tomorrow. Make a choice for change today.


In today’s AhHa Moments for Success Podcast, I talk about why we need to dream again. Why have an Auto Success Mindset is so important!  Why having a focused action plan is so crucial. How to keep momentum and motivation every day with habits. Balancing your lifestyle to suit what you want to create.


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To Your Success, Happiness, & Ah-Ha Moments,

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